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EasyD Digital Signage Solution

WhatMake your customers happy

EasyD is the solution to all your marketing display needs. You want to showcase your products in your shops, display notices on your organization's walls, or play media to attract customers. EasyD has a simple yet elegant way of solving all such needs. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use the solution to manage the screens and can learn it in no time. ... It gives the flexibility of accessing it 24/7 and from any location with only internet access.

WhyTo deliver right message at right time

The serenity of EasyD digital signage advertising lets everybody use it without any hesitation. Unlike other complex digital signage systems, one can effortlessly create content and play digital marketing ads on display, aided with an EasyD digital signage player for android TV. By providing eye-catching built-in templates with multiple layouts for marketing, ... we save the time and effort of our customers. Just add data, put it on display and attract an audience whenever you want to! Our cloud-based signage system is simple and easy to use yet has advanced features such as transitions, social media sharing, announcement sharing, message sharing, and more. The web-based application dashboard lands EasyD in the remote digital signage systems, hence making your digital content easily manageable from anywhere. Contents on the screens can be updated almost instantly.

WhereFrom anywhere as businesses dont stop

Whatever business you are running, if you want to engage your audience anywhere in the world, you need a quick, robust, and smart digital signage screen. From restaurants, hotels, cafes menus to schools, colleges, universities notices and announcements, and many more, EasyD’s signage advertising is categorized in the list of the top digital signage systems. ... Also, the remote managing feature of its web-based application will ease all your worries related to the content updates of digital marketing ads.

EasyD Features

no code solution

No-Code Design

Users just have to add the relavant content, rest is already done by us

multi layouts

Multiple Templates

Attractive coloured, eye-catching and useful templates to display digital content



Add and use upto 1 GB of media file in the gallery

Remote management

Remote Management

Update the digital content even using the app on the mobile anywhere



Use widgets to increase the communication through display

User management

User Management

More than one user can get permission to manage the account

Android support

Android Support

Use any android box, stick or TV to display required digital content


Wifi & Ethernet

Connect players to the internet via ethernet cable or WiFi easily

Customer support

Customer Support

You can always count on the help of our support team through live chat, email, or Whatsapp

EasyD Screen Template Designs

Product Image
Shopping Display

Product Listing

Let EasyD module help you digitalize the listings of shop items. Just write down the specs in our product screen, and we will provide your content the finest displayable form to get marketed on your business displays.

Embrace the paperless

Digital Notice Board

Are you tired of nailing notices on the boards? Let us assist you with intuitive notice board design where you can nail any notice digitally by saving the price of your paper and bringing as many designs as you want.

Notice Screen
Media Screen
Image/Video Display

Media Screen

Take the next step by publishing a high definition media file whether image or video in no time with the help of EasyD Media Screen. Display and engage the audience with your digital content instantly.

Easy Communication for Organizations

Information Screen

Display your important daily messages with the help of Info Screens. Best color variations and layouts will let you choose the perfect match for your content to display on your shop television screen.

Info Screen
Digital Salat Screen
Easy Prayer Time Communication

Digital Salat Panel

Help masjid organization by presenting prayer times and messages on digital displays in the mosques in an exquisite way where Islamic geometric art designs aided with multiple colors will enhance the purity of religious ambiance.

How EasyD Works

Get EasyD working in the following simple steps,

1. Create
2. Connect
3. Display

EasyD Player Application

  • You need EasyD Player app to show your designs on the screen. Currently, Android and Fire TV apps are available but more are on their way.
  • Follow these steps:
    • Search EasyD Player app in your TV app store and download
    • Install and then open it by clicking it
    • EasyD Player will show a PIN code, note it down
    • Go to EasyD Server and enter the PIN code from the previous step in the Add Display section
    • Once saved, the display will show your selected screen, automatically

EasyD Android Players

EasyD app can be installed on all Android TV. You can also use following Android devices to make a simple display, an Android TV.
Mi Box HD

Mi Box 4K Ultra HD Streaming

Media Player Google Assistant Chromecast built-in

Google Chromecast with Google TV HD

Google quality and guarantee for TV

MI TV STICK Portable Media Player

Powered by Android TV Google Assistant & Smart Cast Dolby & DTS surround sound
X96 Mini Smart
                                                        Android TV
                                                        Box 4K

X96 Mini Smart Android TV Box 4K

2GB RAM,16GB Memory, Android 9.0


The basic prices of EasyD subscriptions are mentioned below. There is currently an early bird discount available that you can get by contacting us :)


  • 1 Display Forever
  • No Team Management
  • 512 MB Storage
  • Customer Support


36 Monthly
  • 3 Displays
  • Team Management
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Customer Support

Pro Marketing 5

55 Monthly
  • 5 Displays
  • Team Management
  • 5 GB Storage
  • Customer Support

Pro Marketing 10

100 Monthly
  • 10 Displays
  • Team Management
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Customer Support

Custom Plan

Looking for some other
combination of features?
Feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this solution better than the USB media player feature of my TV?
The USB feature of a TV gives an option to show static data only. You cannot change it remotely at all. You can use EasyD to add your screens once and change them according to your needs. Think about displaying a different menu screen as per the day or even time of the day. You can do this by configuring it once and see it working or just changing it using your mobile anytime, any day.
What does the EasyD allow me to show on my screen?
The limit is only imagination they say but the primary use cases of EasyD are media files like images and videos and product listing screens. In addition, the EasyD platform offers other screens like text-based info screens and notice boards. You can combine these screens to create Playlists as well.
I am not a technical guy, do I need any special skills to use EasyD or install the EasyD Player?
Absolutely not! The EasyD has been designed keeping in mind a user who can just operate his or her smart TV at home.
Setting up an account and installing and setting up a client is hardly a 15-minute job for a common user.
How many monitors does EasyD allow per account?
You can have one monitor or display for free to show whatever you want in your shop or business. In case, you want to show more content and need more displays then you can upgrade the plan and buy any package suitable to your needs. There are packages with 3, 5, and 10 displays available and you can contact us through customer support anytime if you need more.
What hardware does EasyD support for displays?
EasyD currently supports displays with Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. Android TV Sticks which are commonly available can also be used to make any HDMI-supported displays to an Android TV. EasyD will be supporting more displays in the future.
What are the technical requirements for the monitor or TV?
The platform has been tested for the resolution of 1920x1080 (“Full HD” or “1080p”) and 3840x2160 (“4K”) but most of the screen designs should work OK in many other resolutions with a ratio of 16:9.
In addition to that, Android TV must have a Google Play Store so that EasyD Player can be downloaded and installed easily. In case you want to use a monitor instead of a TV then you can use an Android TV Stick that is plugged with its HDMI port and makes it act like a normal Android TV. There are many Android sticks available in the market which can be used, e.g. Xiaomi TV Stick.
What is the EasyD Player?
The EasyD platform uses EasyD Player to show the contents on the screen. It is the software that acts as a client and is paired with the server to show the content that the user has selected on the server.
Does EasyD or EasyD ship internationally?
EasyD requires an online account and display based on Android. You can buy an Android TV or Android TV Stick from your local market very easily. We recommend the Xiaomi TV Stick which has been tested and found to be working well.
What is the feature Deal of the Day?
You can define the Deal of the Day screen in the EasyD app by selecting a screen for each day of the week. EasyD will play that selected screen on each day, accordingly. This is good for food businesses to offer sales on special menus for each day.
What about internet outages? What will happen to my displays?
They will keep showing the items that were selected for them but you cannot change them when no connectivity is available. The only exception is that if you use live content like YouTube media then those will be blocked.
Is EasyD free?
EasyD is absolutely free if you use only 1 display. If you will be using more than 1 Display, then you need to get a paid subscription.
Do I have to pay extra for support?
No. Online support service is included in your Plan. Actually, even accounts on the Free Plan get support for free, we just respond to paid account requests first before handling requests from free accounts.
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The digital signage solution tailored for grocery shops is a game-changer in the industry. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, setting up and defining products is a breeze. The built-in mechanism allows for easy creation of captivating screens that showcase product prices, offers, and promotions, enhancing the overall customer experience. Real-time updates ensure accurate information is always displayed, while the system's reliability guarantees uninterrupted service. This digital signage solution is a must-have for grocery shop owners looking to effectively communicate with customers and create an engaging shopping environment. Thank you

John Devin Owner of Hyperstore

We have a 29.7 percent increase in our audience engagement. Nearly 7 out of every 10 customers order food after deciding it from the display empowered by EasyD smart digital signage solution

Eric Drake Manager at Makuroni Restaurant

Now I have multiple managers who can update digital content at my food chains in different cities with the help of EasyD digital signage software

Mark Kevin Owner at Big Fat Burgers

Well, EasyD digital signage solution is remarkable, but the unimaginably reasonable prices are the best thing

Nelson Scott Digital Content Creator

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